Best Cat Ear Headphones in 2021

Sometimes normal headphones can be very boring and in such a scenario we require something that is catchy and innovative. Cat ear headphones come to our rescue in this scenario.

Cat ear headphones are slightly harder to pick than normal hearing devices. For instance, every user may not be fond of having LED lights and prefer a sober design. In such cases, his or her selection parameters will surely change. Therefore, everything depends on what the user is looking for. It is a good practice to list down preferences and key requirements that you have. This would make it easier to pick the right cat ear headphones.

When you talk about the preferences and selection parameters that come into play, buyers should never ignore the price factor as well. You obviously cannot buy something that is not in your range.  Therefore, when you are looking at options for cat ear headphones, make sure that each one of them falls within the desired price range.

12 Best Cat Ear Headphones

cat eat headphones

1. Yowv

The version UP 3S cat ear headphones are available in custom colors. So, you can get them in the color of your choice. These headphones have a wireless Bluetooth 5 aptX decoder of low latency. It simply means that you can use them with or without wires.


Long Battery Life

When it comes to battery life then you will surely be amazed by these cat ear headphones. When you will charge them completely then the battery will continue to last up to 48 hours.

Fast Charging Speed

The charging speed of these ear headphones is amazing. It is featured with type-C wiring which means the charging speed will be two times faster than the typical connection of 3.5mm. In just one and a half hours, this headphone will be completely charged.

Charging Head Options

You can use the charging head that has been offered by the manufacturers. Or else, you have an option to choose your own charging head.

  • With a wired connection, you can talk to anybody or listen to music without worrying about the battery.
  • With lights on, you can use it for up to 20 hours.
  • You have to install an app to use these headphones.

2. MindKoo

MindKoo cat ear headphones are available in 7 LED lights. You can choose between these LED light shades. These headphones have 4 diverse LED settings from which you can pick one of your choices. These settings incorporate just cups, just ears, all on and all flashing. Each of these settings could add style and fun to the maximum.


Unique Holiday Design

When it comes to design then Mindkoo stands apart from all. It has an exceptional holiday design that makes it perfect for all occasions and family get-togethers.

Wired/Wireless Mode

These cat ear headphones have two modes which include wireless and wired mode. To use the wireless mode, you have to charge this headphone. For the wired mode, you don’t have to charge the headphone.

Soft Ear Pads

This headphone has soft ear pads. Due to this reason, you can use them for as long as you like. These pads will provide maximum comfort to your ears.

  • These cat ear headphones have a convenient foldable design.
  • The stretchable length makes them easy-to-use for a 10-year-old kid to adult.
  • They work with all smartphones, tablets, iPads, iPhone series, etc.
  • The battery life is not too impressive as compared to the others.

3. Luckyu

Luckyu has created amazingly designed cat ear headphones in seven different LED flash colors. You can change the color of these headsets according to your mood. They are highly adjustable. Thus, they would easily fit to different-sized heads.


Amazing Sound Quality

The sound quality of Luckyu headphones is impressive. They have a super bass stereo which makes your experience wonderful.

Universal Compatibility

This cat ear headphone is compatible with a number of devices with the help of Bluetooth V4.2. You can link it up with any Smartphone, iPad, iPhone or tablet. If you want to connect it with the devices that do not have Bluetooth feature then no problem! You just have to use the 3.5mm interface cable to connect it to that device.

Safe Volume

These cat ear headsets make sure the sound remains within the recommended levels. In this way, it protects the eardrums at 85db. However, the sound remains clear and suitable for every person’s ear.

  • These cat ear headphones are practical and colorful.
  • They are featured with wielding dynamic controls.
  • Ear pads are cushy so they will provide maximum support to the ears.
  • The Bluetooth signals start losing quite often while walking or running.

4. GBD

These cat ear headphones have a bit unicorn design. GBD headphones have one horn of the unicorn and two cat ears. These headphones are designed especially for girls. Their appealing shades and multiple features make them ideal as a gift for girls of age 4-20.



These headphones are foldable. Due to their foldable capacity, you can easily store and carry them with you.


These unicorn headsets are highly adjustable. The adjustable headband could adjust according to the size of the head. So, the chances of breaking and damaging are quite low.

Comfortable To Wear All The Time

The ear pads of this unicorn cat ear headphone are extremely comfortable. You can wear them as long as want. The creators have used eco-friendly material in them so there will be no harmful radiation.

  • They are lightweight and super soft.
  • There is a LED flashlight blinking mode which makes it quite attractive.
  • They do not have a microphone.

5. IGeekKid

These unicorn and cat ear headphones are designed for little girls. You can easily gift these headphones to your little princesses. They will surely like the color combination used on these headsets.


Glowing Ears

The glowing ears are one of the unique features of these cat and unicorn headsets. The light will be glowing on unicorn and cat ears.

Limited Volume

These headsets are featured with limited volume which is up to 85dB. The volume remains in the levels recommended safe for the inner ear and eardrums.

Stretchable Headband

The stretchable headband will suit girls of different ages. The headset will adjust according to the head size. As these are stretchable so you can easily fold and store them in luggage or school bags.

  • They are excellent for cosplay fans.
  • They are offered with a built-in battery.
  • The sponge-filled earmuff of leather is easy to wear at all times.
  • You can control everything with just one button.

6. Snowwicase

These cosplay fancy cat headphones are eye-catching and appealing in design. They are ideal to be given to the kids on Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions. They are perfect for females of all ages.


Different Modes

These cat ear headphones have diverse modes. You can turn Off/On the switch present at the back of the left cat ear. You can make the LED light On/Off or on blinking mode with the help of the right modes.

Ear Noise Isolation Feature

These headsets have an ear noise isolation feature. When you will be using these cat headsets with any device using a 3.5mm jack then you will have a noise-free experience.

Excellent Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility then no one beats this cat ear headset. It is suitable for cosplay fan shows, video games, mobile phones, office work, internet bars, and so forth.

  • The sound quality of these cat ear headsets is extraordinary.
  • They are reasonable in price.
  • The lighting effect will enhance your experience to the maximum.
  • They can only be used with wires.

7. Lux Accessories

Wireless headphones gold cat ear edition. The product is best suitable for people who don’t like wires to hang from their ears, plus the uniqueness of owning some eye-catching headphones.

A unique gift for kids and adults even. The unique cat ears design allows you to stand out of the circle and be noticeable while walking, jogging, or performing regular office duties.


Free from wire

By buying this product, you will be free from the weird-looking wires that need to be attached to your phone. Instead, you just have to charge them and connect with your device Bluetooth and enjoy!

Best safety

Its nickel and lead-free design make it safer to use, especially when it comes to kids’ safety.

Lifetime customer support

In addition, the product provides lifetime customer support and a 100% free money-back guarantee if you face any issue regarding the quality of the product.

  • Long battery time
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Mic quality is average
  • Requires charging

8. Mr Eleven

This wireless headset by Mr. Eleven has a built-in microphone and A magnet that attaches the earbuds to itself when not listening to music.

Suitable for people who don’t like covering their full ear through headphones. as the silicon earbuds only insert into the ear and are far more convenient than the traditional stereo earphones


Energy saving

The adaptable energy-saving design allows you to listen to music for more than 6 hours plus the charging time is better than most wireless headsets of this; league

Anti-sweat material

The soft silicone earmuffs are made with the best anti-sweat material that adds to your comfort while listening to music

Multiple colors

It comes in four colors that provide the consumer with buying the headset in their desired color

  • Lightweight design
  • Quick charging time
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth device<
  • Too big for young kids
  • Not adjustable

9. Bluetooth Unicorn

Bluetooth unicorn headphones for kids are very attractively designed. The shiny reflective body ads to the beauty.

Foldable headphone with built-in mic is very much convenient. The JINSERTA headphones carry a 3.5 mm headphones jack in addition to its wireless feature. It comes with 85db and a volume control button


High performing chip

The high-performance Bluetooth chip allows stable connectivity while listening to music and attending calls. It also reduces unusual call disconnecting and music pause so you can enjoy it without any distraction

Easy connectivity

Three modes of connectivity make it universal for every device. It can be connected through Bluetooth, TF card as well as aux line. It is made to be for everyone this way, providing convenience and joy equally.   

Suitable for kids

The stretchable headband is suitable for kids of any age as its elastic headband adjusts on the head itself. This feature makes it better among other products that do not have an adjustable or foldable design

  • Adjustable stretch band
  • It helps kids in learning
  • High volume
  • Low Durability

10. Anliato

Fluffy bear design Bluetooth headphones, a precious gift for your lovely kids. The glittered headphone are very attractive for kids to wear casually as well as at parties.

The product has a built-in microphone with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The built-in 300mah rechargeable battery allows long hours of usage. The multi-button design helps to change the music. 


Stable connectivity

The 5.0 Bluetooth technology provides convenience for easy and stable connectivity, which enables you to listen to your favorited music without any lag

Long lasting charging

In addition, with just 2 hours of charging, you can use it continuously for 6 hours. It provides more extended hours of usage than most headphones of this league

Adjustable design

The compatible design can be adjusted on any head size, so you don’t need to worry about the size while buying this product for your kids

  • Advanced connectivity technology
  • Budget price product
  • Not waterproof
  • Only suitable for girls

11. Yztje

Cat edition wireless and wired headphones by Yztje are the best gifts for your kids and adult girls. It is compatible with all android phones.

Suitable to wear at parties and fancy shows. It comes with a 400 mAh battery giving a standby time of 200 hours. The advanced 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity provides fast and stable connections with an enhanced listening experience. 


Wireless connectivity

The product comes with multiple connectivity options. You can connect wirelessly when charged, and an aux cable can be plugged in to use like standard wired headphones.

Vibrant colors

Available in multiple colors so you can choose from various colors for your kids. The vibrant colors make them look more desirable.

Flash on the top

The led flashlight on the top adds up to the beauty of this product. The flashlight has a different mode that you can choose from according to your likes. It also flashes with the music played to make the experience even more pleasurable.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Universal compatibility
  • Sourced from a new seller.

12. QLT

The qlt Bluetooth headphones with cat style shape are made for girls who have a gaming craze. It includes a built-in microphone with a 7.1 virtual surrounded sound system for enhanced gaming.

Come in 5 colors for consumers with different color choices. These headphones are foldable like most in its league and can be used casually for outdoor and indoor. The RGB lights are also included for a glowing gaming experience.


Premium sound quality

The ear-dazzling sound technology gives you a more thrilling gaming experience so that you can enjoy a perfect mixture of video and audio.

Comfortable earmuffs

The soft-quality earmuffs are made to give your ears many comforts to be relaxed while enjoying your favorite music. In addition, the 40 mm diameter will cover your ears adequately to cancel any outside noise.     

Good battery health

Long battery timing that lasts for 10 hours will never interrupt your gamming once you charge it fully. It is better than most of the headphones available currently.

  • Noise cancelation
  • Adjustable to different sizes
  • Affordable item
  • Sold by New seller.

Buying Guide

The buying approach that you apply depends on the product type. For instance, you cannot buy cat ear headphones and wallets by considering the same parameters. Thus, you must consider the product type and then make a list of preferences. Let us have a quick look at factors that should be a part of your buying guide.

Sound Quality

There is no point in buying car ear headphones that do not produce high-quality sound irrespective of how impressive they look. In the case of hearing devices, appearance is not as important as the standard of sound. Simply being audible is not the key and other factors create the difference. For instance, bass, treble and audio range are key factors.

A lot depends on the purpose for which the headphone is being purchased. A music listener would probably pay more attention to bass than sound range. For him, the beat would be most important. This will not be the case with someone who needs to make internet calls. Such a user would be seeking clarity instead of loud thuds.

Noise Cancellation and Isolation

What is noise cancellation? Is it an important factor for selecting a headphone? It is surely a key parameter if you want to pick good cat ear headphones. Noise cancellation prevents the background sound from entering your ear when you are listening to something important. An example is listening to an important call with a noisy background.

  • Working in a call center means having tons of people talking at the same time. In such cases, it can be a problem for a particular agent to listen to the customer. Noise cancellation helps in this case since background noise does not intervene with what you are listening to. In this way, concentration is not spoilt as well.
  • In most cases, headphones with a noise cancellation option have a higher cost. Along with that, a lot of products simply mention noise cancellation, but the feature does not work properly. Therefore, opting for a reputed brand is very important.


Some cat ear headphones have a weak structure and they do not last long. Such issues cause problems for users who frequently use headphones. If you drop a headphone and it breaks off, this raises a question mark on the durability. If you are looking for cat ear headphones that can last for a long time, durability should be a key factor for you.

The durability level depends on the structure as well. If the headphone handle is not flexible at all, it will easily break. Hence, checking the flexibility is one way to determine durability. Cost is a big factor connected to durability as well. You cannot expect low-end cheap headphones to last for a lifetime.

Added Technology Features

Over time, hearing devices are becoming more and more advanced and cat ear headphones are not an exception as well.  There is a long list of technological features that headphones these days are equipped with. However, you need to check your budget and make a decision. The cost of the headphone will depend on what you are looking for. For instance, wireless headphones are costlier than wired ones.

  • By purchasing them, you do not have to restrict yourself to one place while having a call or listening to music. Depending on the wireless range, you can move around as well. Similarly, Bluetooth connectivity is another technological feature you can look at. In a nutshell, to measure the requirements and budget you must pick appropriate cat ear headphones.

Battery Life

When you are purchasing a wireless headphone, battery life is very important. Short battery life means connecting the device to the power source now and then. This becomes a problem when you have a long usage.  For instance, in the middle of a call, you would have to connect the device to a power source.

Color Scheme

It is not easy to use something that does not please the eye. When it comes to color preferences, there are ample options to look at. In addition to that, users have varying preferences in this case.  Some users may prefer cat ear headphones with a dark color scheme while others may look for bright combinations as well.

This depends on user preference and you can pick a scheme that you find suitable. However, having all the important features is a more important requirement.


Are the Razer Kraken Kitty Good?

These are cool headphones that come with a good color combination and cool gel technology. This prevents ears from heating up after long usage.

Which are Ariana Grande’s Cat Ear Headphones?

These are white-colored cat ear headphones launched in the year 2016 by the company Brookston in the year 2016.

Where can I buy cat ear headphones? (hint: Amazon)

If you are looking for quality products at affordable rates, Amazon is the best source.

What would be the most important feature of cat ear headphones?

Sound quality is surely the most important factor. Purchasing headphones that do not produce top-notch sound is not wise thinking.

What are the different colored cat ear headphones available?

There are various shades you can look at. Some options include black, white, and dark red.

What are Axent cat ear headphones?

These are high-end car ear headphones with LED lights produced by a company called Axent Wear.

Can I use cat ear headphones for gaming

Yes, they can be used for gaming purposes and an individual range is available for each platform. For instance, there is a list of options for X Box users.


Gone are the days when we could feel happy with something that was monotonous. Although, there is nothing wrong in wearing normal headphones but somehow there is nothing innovative and catchy among them.

Nowadays people are getting into a new trend and the trend is all about wearing cat ear headphones. The good news is that these beautiful headphones are equally famous among youngsters and adults.

For your kind convenience we have reviewed some of the best pieces that are available on Amazon. All these wonderful cat ear headphones are to die for but somehow MindKoo and Lux accessories are taking the lead.

Next time you feel like traveling, make sure you do not forget to take these wonderful headphones with you. We can guarantee that you will have a heavenly experience with these pieces when you will blast your favorite music

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